There are many benefits of infant massage. Infant Massage USA and the International Association of Infant Massage group them into four categories, stimulating, relaxing, relief and interaction.

mama2Massage May Stimulate:

  • Circulatory and digestive systems
  • Hormonal and immune systems
  • Coordination and balance
  • Learning and concentration
  • Muscular development and growth
  • Mind and body awareness

Massage Promotes Relaxation which May be Shown Through:

  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Increased flexibility and muscle tone
  • Regulation of behavioral states
  • Being calm and being able to calm themself
  • Reduction in stress hormones

Parents May Find that Infant Massage Helps Relieve:

  • Gas and colic
  • Constipation and elimination
  • Growing pains and muscular tension
  • Teething discomfort
  • Cramps

Interaction in Infant Massage May Include:

  • Promotion of bonding and secure attachmentmom holding baby eye to eye
  • Verbal/non-verbal communication
  • Development of trust and confidence
  • Use of all the senses
  • Feelings of love, respect, and being valued

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