“I learned that I can help families who I suspect have a history of abuse to rethink the way they interact with each other, by giving them tools through infant massage on how to respect every person in the family without saying any word about abuse.”

 “Presenting the information in a positive way with love and respect and opening a new door for them.”

-J Dunn, TN

“I learned that I can really make a difference in strengthening family bonds and in helping parents find outlets through infant massage to relieve their babies from certain issues that have been problematic in the past.

 “It was a great feeling to bond with the parents and to be able to see a new level of interaction between parents and babies. I loved seeing the responses of both parents and the children when they were giving/receiving the massage. There were a lot of comments made stating that they really enjoyed this course and would like to find a way for all of them to continue meeting up again with their babies to either do massage or just share their experiences from their continued massages at home and maybe have a pay date with this particular group.”

-J Perdue, Owasso, OK

“The material of infant massage is so strong that you don’t have to work hard at making it successful. Let the curriculum work for itself and enjoy the parents and babies.”

-K Whitty, Tulsa, OK